What we do

Antikythera Technologies® specialized in IoT product development and implementation. We as a company started software product development 2013 with Automotive CRM/ILM products and keep on developing innovative technologies to help our customers.

Our latest offering in IoT space is Indoor Navigation, Indoor Positioning and Asset Tracking in a large building premises such as Airport, Shopping Mall, Large Manufacturing, Hotel, Museum, Hospital and much more.

The technology for Indoor Navigation and Indoor Positioning developed using the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons.

We have successfully implemented our Indoor navigation and tracking at (LAX) Los Angeles World Airport within the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) to track the wheelchair and agents inside the airport premises.

Our innovative mobile application service helps the administration to find the nearest available wheelchair agent inside the terminal buildings and can dispatch the agent to pick up or drop off the passenger.

The product "WaisTrack" is a complete ecosystem which includes the cloud based web backend architecture, Android mobile application for agent / wheelchair tracking inside terminal buildings and MDM (Mobile device management).

What’s Next!!

The Indoor Navigation and Indoor Positioning can largely help Airline, Aerospace, Shopping Mall, Large Manufacturing, Hotel, Museum, Hospital and other industry for their tracking needs and customer indoor navigation.

This will provide a convenience and help individuals navigate through the large indoor structure, look for ETA to reach desired destination, get latest offerings from vendors and more.

Possibilities are immense and we at Antikythera Technologies® are working on the new Innovative products using IoT, AI, Machine Learning and BlockChain.


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